A little about me…

I've been a photographer for over 14 years, starting with film, transitioning to a digital and film workflow 10 years ago; film is still very much a part of my knowledge base/repertoire. I'm currently based in Seattle, WA. I lived previously in Santa Fe, NM for close to 30 years, moving there at the ripe ol' age of 5. 

Though I've had a fundamental curiosity in photography since a very young age, I initially pursued jazz music performance with an emphasis in teaching. A big part of my attraction to and connection with documentary photography (...what is documentary photography?) stems from my interest in the concepts underlying jazz group improvisation; as in jazz, the type of documentary photography I pursue requires that I be intensely focused in and on the moment, capturing what appears, at the moment it appears. Much like playing an instrument over chord changes and transferring a melody created in the moment to the instrument, a documentary photographer is reacting with immediacy to events as they unfold in front of the camera's lens.

Although I no longer perform music, to this day I still study and look to jazz as a major creative force of inspiration when further developing my photographic personality.
-Craig P Stehling, Photographer/Instructor, Momentum Imagery