Composition and Light

Composition is the process of taking photos, minus all the technical photo/camera “stuff”; it’s the essence of photography. In practice, composition is comprised of three tiers that make up a hierarchy. Successful photos follow that compositional hierarchy: 

Subject; if your subject doesn’t work, the photo won’t work - even if the other tiers within the hierarchy are met “perfectly”. 
Quality of light hitting your subject, ambient or otherwise.
Framing of the subject (as in, placement within the photo). This tier encompasses the remaining elements of composition constituting the foreground, background, and color elements within the frame that work to enhance your subject.

What this session will cover:
Light quality/tonal range of your chosen medium
Rule-of-Thirds (off-center framing) 
Filling the frame (subject position)
Leading lines
Avoidance of distracting foregrounds and backgrounds
Color theory - namely, how to avoid distracting colors

Recommended equipment: Pretty much any camera. Although, the more capable your camera, the more control you will have over composition. I will always have one or two DSLRs on hand for session use.Photography_Lessons.html