Introduction to Digital Photography with Advanced Cameras
(a.k.a. DSLRs Demystified)

The main tenet underlying this topic is this: modern digital cameras have too many unnecessary settings and modes that you just plain don’t need to take nice photos. Ironically, an excess of modes on any camera tends to hinder the photographic process, taking the control away from you.

First part of this session is an overview of the key operations of your particular camera model, learning how to simplify your approach to using the camera itself; learning what modes are unimportant to you and why.

After getting the technical bit out of the way, part two moves our focus to capturing images and practical hands-on experience. We’ll talk about what types of photos you’d like to be able to take and I’ll teach you simple repeatable techniques to do so with your current equipment. 

Again, the whole purpose of the Intro to Digital Photography session is to simplify the picture taking process (regardless your photographic level) rather than wasting time fiddling with the camera.

Recommended equipment: Any brand DSLR; Olympus PEN series; Panasonic G series; Pentax K-01; Nikon 1; Sony NEX & SLT; Canon EOS-M/G series; Fuji X series; Leica M, X; Samsung NX - anything not listed, please ask! Not recommended for point & shoot cameras.Photography_Lessons.html