Introduction to Film Photography
with Film Scanning overview

Photography with film requires a different technical approach when compared to digital capture. Film reacts differently to light than does a CMOS or CCD sensor inside a digital camera. Most of the differences, though subtle, are still important to the imaging process.

At this point, many people have experience with digital cameras. Therefore, this course is typically geared toward those who would like to experience using film, coming from a digital background. That said, there are also advanced film techniques that have never been considered general knowledge outside the professional and enthusiast levels and are useful to any film user, even those who have used film previously. 

Since most output is geared toward a digitized image, this course also covers the methods for doing so with your film negatives and positives. There are many methods for digitizing your images; we will cover most of the accessible options. 

B&W film is one holdout that still commands a large following for fully analogue process, start to finish. If you are really interested in B&W photography, I recommend the topic, Black & White.

Recommended equipment: Any film camera with exposure control. 
35mm and/or Medium Format (120/220).Black_%26_White.htmlPhotography_Lessons.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0