Market Share Program
*Market Share Program was developed with Hunger Intervention Program in Seattle, WA.
Website: • Facebook: Hunger Intervention Program • Flickr: HIP Photostreamhttp://www.hungerintervention.org
Momentum Imagery Market Share Program is specifically targeted to the unique needs of Nonprofit organizations; instead of providing photo coverage of any single event, I work with your organization in-depth, photographing various days and various types of events & services. In a way, I become part of your organization as I’m photographing, telling your story from within. 

Unlike traditional Commercial Photography, in the Market Share Program I work to cover the different facets of the organization that make up the entirety of your mission story over at least 6 different photo sessions during a two month period. I also agree to deliver a minimum of 100 unique images total throughout the two month period. 

Included with the entire group of images as part of the Market Share rate is a general marketing usage license for time-unlimited use of all delivered images. After the initial two month coverage period, you may sign up for another two months or continue to work with me session by session at an “a la cart” rate. Either way your usage license will not expire.
Why work long term? Simple stories, like that of a single event, can be told by a single photo session. I’ve done that for much of my commercial work. However, the story will be of that single event only, not the organization’s mission - the story which is most important to communicate clearly and effectively. Long term coverage is the only way to authentically tell your story.
We live in a visual society. Images give us something to connect with in a tangible and meaningful way. Photographs are extremely effective for reaching and communicating with diverse, wide ranging audiences; they speak a universal language.

Photos ©2000-2013 Craig P Stehling; Website/Logo ©2005-2014 Momentum Imagery. All rights reserved.

I offer Market Share Program participants significant discounts off regular commercial rates. This allows me to cover your important work in-depth in an atmosphere conducive to authenticity. All I ask is that you credit my work regularly, as it will ease some of my own marketing burden. 
If you are from a Nonprofit in the Greater Seattle area, please email for more information and general availability. For organizations that need marketing assistance, I offer various strategies and professional contacts to help you effectively incorporate delivered images into your marketing
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